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TdOPCItems Class
public: class TdOPCItems : public TCollection;
public class TdOPCItems : TCollection;
Visual Basic
Public Class TdOPCItems
Inherits TCollection


class to store all dOPCItems of a dOPCGroup 

TdOPCItems contains and administrates a collection of TdOPCItem objects.

It is used in TdOPCGroup objects.

TdOPCItems Methods 
AddItem creates and returns a new TdOPCItem object and adds it to the Items collection. 
search for Itemname and returns the pointer of TdopcItem. If not find result is nil
FindOPCItem returns the TdOPCItem searched by the passed ItemName. 
GetOPCItem returns the TdOPCItem identified by the passed ServerHandle. 
OPCActiveItems returns True if any items on the TdOPCServer are active, otherwise False
OPCAddAllItems adds all created items to the TdOPCServer
OPCAddItems is intended to provide the mechanism to add multiple items to the TdOPCServer with one call to reduce the DCOM and XML calls. 
OPCRemoveAllItems removes all previously created items from the TdOPCServer
OPCRemoveItems removes all items passed in the ItemList from the TdOPCserver. 
This is OPCValidateItems, a member of class TdOPCItems. 
OPCRemoveAll removes all created items from the TdOPCServer
TdOPCItems Properties 
Items contains the TdOPCItem objects which can be accessed via the Index parameter. 
Parent contains a reference to the parent TdOPCGroup object. 
Tag has no predefined meaning. 
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