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TdOPCEventSubscription Class
public: class TdOPCEventSubscription : public TInterfacedObject, public IOPCEventSink;
public class TdOPCEventSubscription : TInterfacedObject, IOPCEventSink;
Visual Basic
Public Class TdOPCEventSubscription
Inherits TInterfacedObject
Inherits IOPCEventSink


class to receive IConnectionPointContainer event callbacks 

TdOPCEventSubscription is delivered by an OPC AE server to manage a single event subscription.

TdOPCEventSubscription Methods 
callback procedure: we get a new event for OPC AE Server
OnEvent is generated when a new event on the OPC AE server occurred. 
Refresh forces a refresh for all active conditions and inactive, unacknowledged conditions whose event notifications match the filter of the event subscription. 
SelectReturnedAttributes sets the attributes to be returned for each event category in the OnEvent callback. 
SetFilter sets the filtering criteria to be used for the event subscription. 
TdOPCEventSubscription Properties 
Active is True if the event subscription is active, otherwise False
Buffertime (milliseconds) contains the send frequency of server event notifications. 
MaxSize contains the maximum number of events that will be sent from the server. 
Tag has no predefined meaning. 
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