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TdOPCEventSubCondition Class
public: class TdOPCEventSubCondition;
public class TdOPCEventSubCondition;
Visual Basic
Public Class TdOPCEventSubCondition


TdOPCEventSubCondition provides one substate of a TdOPCEventCondition.

A TdOPCEventCondition can be single-stated or multi-stated. A multi-state condition is one whose state encompasses multiple ranges or sub-states which are of interest. For example a "Level Alarm" condition may have multiple substates (subconditions) including "HighAlarm" and "HighHighAlarm". Each subcondition is represented by a TdOPCEventSubcondition. Each subcondition is associated with an TdOPCEventCondition. The subconditions of a multi-state condition must be mutually exclusive, e.g. a tag cannot be in both "HighAlarm" and "HighHighAlarm" at the same time.

TdOPCEventSubCondition Properties 
Definition contains an expression which defines the sub-state represented by the subcondition. 
Description contains the text string to be included in any event notification generated on behalf of this subcondition. 
Name contains the name assigned to the subcondition, e.g. "HighHighAlarm" for a subcondition of "LevelAlarm". 
Severity contains a value indicating the event severity. 
Tag has no predefined meaning. 
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