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TdOPCEventAreaBrowser Class
public: class TdOPCEventAreaBrowser : public TComponent;
public class TdOPCEventAreaBrowser : TComponent;
Visual Basic
Public Class TdOPCEventAreaBrowser
Inherits TComponent


TdOPCEventAreaBrowser provides a way to browse the process area organization implemented by the server.

The condition is that events and conditions provided by the server are organized into one or more process areas. These areas are for use in specifying event filters. Browsing is optional, and may not be supported by simple event servers. You can check the BrowserSupport method if the OPC AE server supports browsing.

TdOPCEventAreaBrowser Methods 
GetItemId returns a valid source or area name for the passed ItemName. 
MoveDown executes a move down to the specified area passed by the parameter AreaName. 
Moveto executes a move to an absolute position in the tree passed by the parameter AreaName. 
MovetoRoot executes a move to the first level in the tree. 
Moveup executes a move up in the specific area. 
ShowAreas fills the items collection with names of the areas at the current browse position. 
ShowSources fills the items collection with names of the sources at the current browse position. 
TdOPCEventAreaBrowser Properties 
This is Browser, a member of class TdOPCEventAreaBrowser. 
Count contains the number of items in the Items collection. 
CurrentPath contains the complete path of the CurrentPosition
CurrentPosition contains the current browsing position in the tree. 
Filter contains a value that is applied by the ShowAreas and ShowSources methods to filter results. 
Items contains the names that derive from calls to ShowAreas or ShowSources
OPCServer contains the TdOPCEventServer you want to use with TdOPCEventAreaBrowser. 
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