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TdOPCEvent Class
public: class TdOPCEvent : public TPersistent;
public class TdOPCEvent : TPersistent;
Visual Basic
Public Class TdOPCEvent
Inherits TPersistent


class for one Event from OPC Server 

TdOPCEvent represents an event sent by the TdOPCEventServer.

This object is generates based on the information received from the underlying OPC Alarm and Event Server.

TdOPCEvent Methods 
Acknowledge acknowledges the event as the passed who with the passed comment at the server. 
CustomPropertyItemID translates the passed CustPropIndex to an TdOPCItem.ItemID. 
converts event type to string
EventTypeStr returns the EventType as a string. 
GetConditionState returns the current condition status information. 
IsGoodQuality returns True if the Quality is good, otherwise False
TdOPCEvent Properties 
Acknowledged is True if the corresponding condition has been acknowledged, otherwise False
AckRequired is True if this event requires acknowledgement, otherwise False
Active is True if the corresponding condition is active, otherwise False
ActiveTime contains the time at which the condition became active (for single-state conditions) or the time of a transition into the current sub-condition (for multi-state conditions). 
ActorID contains IDs for tracking events or condition-related events which are acknowledgment notifications. 
CategoryName contains the name of the category related to this event notification. 
ChangeMask indicates what properties of the condition have changed and forced the server to send the event notification. 
ConditionName contains the name of the condition related to this event notification. 
Cookie contains the server-defined cookie associated with the event notification. 
CustomProps provides a collection of vendor specific attributes. 
Data is not used by TdOPCEvent. You can use this property for your own data. 
Enabled is True if the corresponding condition is enabled, otherwise False
EventCategory contains either the standard or the vendor-specific event category. 
EventType indicates the type of the event; condition-related, tracking-related or simple. 
ID contains the unique Id of the event. 
IsConditionEvent is True if the corresponding condition is a condition event, otherwise False
IsSimpleEvent is True if the corresponding condition is a simple event, otherwise False
IsTrackingEvent is True if the corresponding condition is a tracking event, otherwise False
This is Key, a member of class TdOPCEvent. 
LastEvent contains the values for the last occurred event. 
Msg contains the message text which describes the event. 
NewState indicates a bit mask specifying the new state of the condition. 
NumEventAttrs provides the number of attributes of the event. 
Quality provides the latest quality read from the server. 
Severity contains a value indicating the event severity. 
Source contains a string indicating the source of the event notification. 
SubconditionName contains the name of the current sub-condition, for multi-state conditions. 
Tag has no predefined meaning. 
Time provides the time of the event occurrence. 
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