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TdOPCGroup Properties Published Properties
Published Properties
Published Property 
DeadBand contains the change of percent of an item value that will cause an exception report of this value to the client. 
DefaultItem contains the TdDefaultItem for the group. 
IsActive contains the current Active state of the group. 
LocaleId contains the current LCID for the group. 
Name contains the current name of the group. 
OPCItems contains a TdOPCItems object which contains TdOPCItem objects that belong to the group. 
Tag has no predefined meaning. 
TimeBias (minutes) contains the TimeZone bias of the group. 
UpdateRate (milliseconds) contains the current rate at which the items of the group are updated. 
XMLHoldtime (milliseconds) instructs the server to hold off returning from refreshing calls until the specified time is reached. 
XMLWaittime (milliseconds) instructs the server to wait the specified time after the XMLHoldtime is reached before returning. 
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