dOPC Client Toolkit Help file
TdOPCSvr Properties Public Properties
Public Properties
Public Property 
BuildNumber contains the build number of the OPC server. 
CurrentTime contains the current time from the server. 
LastUpdateTime contains the last update time from the server. 
LocaleId contains the locale id which may be used to localize strings returned from the server. 
MajorVersion contains the major part of the server version number (e.g. the "1" in version "1.32"). 
MinorVersion contains the minor part of the server version number (e.g. the "32" in version "1.32"). 
Params contains additional parameters for XML communication. 
Protocol contains the communication protocol of the OPC DA server (coCOM or coXML). 
ServerCaption contains the name of the server. 
ServerClsId contains the class id of the OPC server if the Protocol is coCOM, otherwise an empty string. 
ServerState contains the current server state. 
ServerStateStr contains the ServerState as a string. 
StartTime contains the the server startup time. 
VendorInfo contains the vendor information string for the server. 
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