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TdOPCEventServer Methods Public Methods
Public Methods
Public Methods
Public Method 
AcknowledgeAllEvents acknowledges all occurred events as the passed Who with the passed Comment. 
AcknowledgeEvents acknowledges the passed AckEvents as the passed Who with the passed Comment. 
AcknowledgeNotActiveEvents acknowledges all inactive events as the passed Who with the passed Comment. 
BeginUpdate should be called before making multiple changes to the events collection. 
BrowserSupport returns True if the server supports browsing, otherwise False
EndUpdate should be called after completing changes to the events collection that started with calling the BeginUpdate method. 
GetConditionState returns the TdOPCEventCondition from the passed Source for the passed ConditionName. 
get status information from OPC server (delphi types)
GetServerInfo provides global information about the server passed in the tServerStateRec parameter. 
GetStatus retrieves the current status of the connection. 
QuerySourceConditions fills the Conditions parameter, presenting a list the list of available conditions of the passed Source. 
Refresh forces a refresh for all active conditions and inactive, unacknowledged conditions whose event notifications match the filter of the event subscription. 
Resort sorts the Events collection again (usually not necessary). 
SelectServer calls a modal dialog to select an OPC AE server and returns True if a server is selected, otherwise False
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