dOPC Client Toolkit Help file
Release Notes for Updaters

If you want to upgrade a old program

You can skip this sections if you are a new dOPC Client Toolkit user. Please note, the new version 4 is NOT complete compatible with older dOPC versions. But, normally it is very easy to upgrade to the new version. You have only to do following things: 


Recompile your program.

If you recompile your program you will normally have compiler errors like: 

Undeclared identifier: 'TdOPCItem' 

To fix this, please add dOPCDA unit in uses clauses. 


  dOPCIntf, dOPCComn, dOPC;


  dOPCIntf, dOPCComn, dOPCDA, dOPC;

That is normally all you have to do :-)

If you inherited your own dOPC group

In special cases if you has inherited your own group from TdOPCGroups class, you have to change the create constructor as follow: TmydOPCGroups = class(TdOPCGroups)

  constructor create(aOwner :TdOPCServer); override;


TmydOPCGroups = class(TdOPCGroups)
  constructor create(aOwner :TdOPCDAServer); override;
If you use OPC XML DA Protocol

If you use Protocol OPC XML DA please add dOPCX in your uses clauses of the unit where your TdOPCServer is created. Or drop TdOPCXMLServer on the forms where you have dropped TdOPCServer objects.

Method SelectServer does not exists anymore

We deleted function "SelectServer" from class TdOPCDAServer, TdOPCAEServer and TdOPCHDAServer. The reason is that behind this methods are VCL bases dialogs. Use following functions of unit dOPCDlgServerSelect instead:

function dOPCSelectDAServerDlg(Server: TdOPCSvr): boolean;
function dOPCSelectAEServerDlg(Server: TdOPCSvr): boolean;
function dOPCSelectHDAServerDlg(Server: TdOPCSvr): boolean;
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