dOPC Client Toolkit Help file

Overview of the dOPC Client Toolkit


OPC (formerly OLE for Process Control) is an industry standard created in collaboration with a number of worldwide leading automation hardware and software manufacturers. OPC allows software components such as software connectors to be combined and enables these components to communicate without special adaptions. Hence, Plug & Play has become reality in automation. 

In order to offer you, as a Delphi and C++ developer, the opportunity to work with the OPC standard in the familiar Delphi manners, we developed a 100% VCL /FCL OPC Client Toolkit with the most common OPC interfaces (Data Access DA, XML DA and Alarms & Events AE). 

After the installation of dOPC you will find the following components in the dOPC tab of your IDE:

Main Classes 

dOPC DA (TdOPCServer)

Component for the implementation of COM and XML Data Access clients. 

dOPC AE (TdOPCEventServer

Component for the implementation of Alarms & Events clients. 


Component to bond OPC DA item values directly to the properties of visual components. 

dOPC SB (TdOPCServerBrowser

Component that browses for existing OPC COM based servers. 


For more information about OPC see also or You can order or download the latest version of dOPC from our web page:

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