dOPC Client Toolkit Help file
TdGUIItem Properties

The properties of the TdGUIItem class are listed here.

Public Property 
Tag has no predefined meaning. 
Published Property 
With this property it is possible to select a single item of an OPC array. 
Control represents the TdOPCControl from which property value changes will be read. 
CtrlPropName represents the property of the associated control that shall be set (e.g. 'Text'). 
With the help of this property it is possible to format the values
(see also function SysUtils.Format) e.g. <%s>, %.3d, ... 
OPCGroup contains the name of a TdOPCGroup where the OPCItem belongs you want to connect to an associated control. 
OPCItem represents the ItemID of a TdOPCItem (e.g. 'Random-String') you want to show in an associated control. 
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